• Truth Unplugged for Guys

    Truth Unplugged for Guys by Gena Maselli

    Stories for GUYS about faith, love and the things that matter most!

    Are you a teenage guy who is tired of pretending you’re okay? Are you overwhelmed by feelings of anger, grief or fear? Do you struggle with questions like: Why is pornography so wrong? Would anyone miss me if I were gone? Can God really turn my situation around? If so, you need answers—straight-up answers—about what’s real and what’s not. You need Truth Unplugged for Guys.

    Truth Unplugged for Guys isn’t a devotional that talks down to you. Instead, it is an honest look at situations faced by teens just like you. Author Gena Maselli tackles topics like divorce, grief, anger, tragedy, sexual issues and more. The stories will remind you that God has a plan for your life, and He’s ready to help you fulfill it!

    Great as an individual devotional or for group discussions.

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